The Industry Challenge:
  • Old or archaic credential verification systems & processes which are prone to counterfeit & fraud
  • Global mobility of students requires physical movement of credentials across various jurisdiction. An absence of secured and digitized version of credential restricts portability and leads to inaccuracy and inefficiency
  • Lost physical copy of degrees & credentials due to various reasons pose a challenge for students, academic institutions and employers while validation
  • Employers have limited access to credential verification processes. In some cases no verification is available, delaying the hiring process leading to inefficiencies
  • Employers bear huge cost of misfit or wrong hires along with a dent in imagery
The Solution:

With our flagship product OctoCerts we are on the mission to build a community of students, colleges, staffing firms and employers.


Introducing OctoCerts which is aimed at reducing overheads, increasing efficiency on issueance and validation of academic credentials and digital badges, all of this in a highly secured manner with its built-in fraud protection feature.


Some of the key features of OctoCerts are:

  • A credential issuance and verification system for students, academic institutions, staffing firms & employers, built upon the Blockchain technology, with its inherent immutability, assuring trust, thereby preventing fraud
  • Easy Integration with existing student management systems
  • Highly available and secure by design
  • Data Analytics and AI engines create valuable insight
  • A scalable platform which can be extended to similar other use cases for example transcripts, micro badges and many more
  • Overall improved, time saving, secure and reliable User Experience to all stakeholders.

Arts & Media

The Industry Challenge:
  • Artists and creative community do not get desired attribution or true value for their creative or intellectual work
  • Abuse of intellectual property still prevalent
  • The question of how to protect intellectual property rights in the age of digitization
The Solution:

OctoChain team is actively working with our client to solve above challenges. Solution is blockchain backed (DLT) attribution ledger where community of artists, fans and the consumers come together. Key feature of the decentralized application is to ensure Artist’s creation and the relevant metadata around an asset (IP) is properly recorded in an immutable ledger. The solution also administers rights management and implement asset distribution rules and policies for the proper monetization of the asset.


Some of the key features of the system are:

  • On boarding the Artists and managing the id’s
  • Digitally capture the asset and execute the validation process
  • Record the necessary metadata into the Blockchain Ledger
  • Define and implement Content Usage, Distribution Rules and Policies (smart contracts)
  • Tracking and maintaining log of the Asset usage, distribution and transactions

Payment Gateway integration: Digital Wallet, Token Implementation


The Industry Challenge:
  • Patients medical data is scattered and trapped in Silos in the Canadian medical system. In order to empower patients themselves and improve health outcomes the consolidation of medical information from variety of sources must happen. Different EMR’s for various doctors, pharmacies and diagnostic labs must be available and accessible through a shared repository. The data has to be unaltered, traceable, highly available and should adhere to the highest standards of data privacy.
  • Our client is currently experiencing data inconsistencies among various stakeholders. Furthermore, they need an efficient and configurable mechanism where proper data sharing can be achieved in real time.
The Solution:

OctoChain is currently developing a Blockchain based data sharing solution and protocol to achieve a single source of truth which is maintained at all the time and its relevant data is readily available in a consistent and timely manner among healthcare practitioners and pharmacies.


  • Shifts medical care from hospital based to community based
  • Provides new way to create self-sovereign digital identities
  • Gives patients greater control and ability to manage their health records, securely
  • Creates a very efficient and secure data sharing mechanism among medical practitioners
  • Saves lives in emergency situations
  • Provides a much better user experience for all the stakeholders
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